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As a Technical Unit Lead, I am responsible for overseeing platform development teams, operations, and load testing engineers. I specialize in launching projects based on open-source software, establishing team processes, and implementing SRE practices to reduce IT company costs and accelerate release cycles.

I am approached for starting projects from scratch or bringing order to existing ones. My responsibilities include developing and presenting initiatives, organizing teams and processes, defining plans, gathering requirements, designing system architecture, evaluating reliability and performance, estimating cluster capacity, and selecting equipment to accommodate growth in workload.

In projects, I focus on infrastructure-as-code, utilizing configuration management systems and platforms. I prefer automating routine tasks to avoid duplicating work.

I improve system observability and monitor quality, capturing them in SLO/SLA agreements. I prioritize metrics that require attention and address false positives. Attention is also given to technical debt, striking a balance between feature growth and refactoring.

I set and validate goals (OKR, KPI) and am responsible for budgeting. I conduct technical interviews, hire using topgrading techniques, assess performance, delegate tasks, monitor progress, develop the team (TMM, performance reviews, competency matrices, 360 feedback), motivate team members, and resolve conflicts.

I lead incident resolution, facilitate retrospectives, write post-mortems, and investigate root causes to prevent recurrence. Technical documentation writing and organizing the company’s knowledge base is another aspect of my role. I create diagrams, charts, reports, and instructions.

I engage in negotiations with clients, explain and justify proposed solutions while also defining goals using the SMART framework. Measuring the results based on technical and team metrics is part of my responsibilities.

I apply agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) for planning in uncertain conditions and utilize the GTD approach for personal task management. Timeliness is my priority, adhering to the concept of immutable deadlines, and ensuring completion of tasks.

I contribute to DevRel activities, organizing meetups and events, assisting in developing the IT brand, and participating in speaking engagements in Russian language. I am proficient in speaking and writing in Russian, English (C1), and German (B2).

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Feel free to contact me on Telegram or e-mail for collaboration.