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I am experienced system administrator and operations engineer. I set up and support server infrastructure based on the opensource software. Using DevOps practices, I do mitigate overhead expenses of IT companies on maintenance systems, and reduce mean time to market of releases.

Companies and customers hire me if they need to start a project from scratch or put things in order in an existing one. For example, to design the architecture of the system, evaluate its reliability and performance, and assess the capacity plan taking into account the possible increase in load.

I collaborate with managers in negotiations with customers, asking questions, clarifying details, and justifying the proposed solutions. I always make meeting notes and set deadlines up with sounded agreements and responsible assignees.

I write documentation and develop the company’s knowledge base by drawing diagrams, compiling reports, and preparing instructions. I develop DevRel and care for knowledge sharing: I regularly organize meetups and perform myself (mostly in Russian).

I follow the “Infrastructure as a Code” and “Immutable infrastructure” principles during the job. I widely use software and platform configurations management tools, build artifacts such as packages and images, and automate the routine according to the DRY approach.

I set up metrics, alerting, and incidents escalations to monitor the stability of systems to comply with SLA. I cover by metrics only what requires attention and battle with false positives and negatives. I organize retrospective meetings, compile post-mortem reports, investigate issues, and fix root causes to prevent a recurrence.

I perform myself or delegate tasks to subordinates, controlling the process and being responsible for the result. I work according to Kanban methodology, get things done in time, and do not shift deadlines.

I speak and write in Russian (Native), English (C1), and German (B1).

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How to reach me out

Feel free to contact me on Telegram or e-mail for collaboration.